Top beaches to visit in England

England is known for its white sands, sun and exotic sea creatures. okay, maybe not. we are more well known for our winds, wellies and sand filled sandwiches. These will be the most fascinating beaches not necessarily the most conventional. 





I use the term ”beach” loosely in this first wonderful place to visit meaning there is sea yet consists of no sand and no pebbles, just cliff sides. weather you are a professional rock/cliff climber or like my self just a big kid, Portland by the lighthouse is a natural play ground with multiple giant levels of rocks to drop yourself lower towards the sea, letting you decide how close you wish to get to the fishes. Its a wonderful place to relax and drink  due to the lack of individuals that venture this far down the rocks.

Wanting to stay a safe amount away from the cliff side? there are also fascinating open tunnel shaped ditches to investigate that will make you feel like a hobbit traveling through Mordor. Even on a cold windy day the views will astonish you with a clean deep blue sea and stunning rock pools filled with tiny sea life. If all of this is not enough to make you crave a visit, the front runner for reasons to visit Portland cliff side is what I call ”pride rock” taken from the great scene of lion king. It will take a decent amount of investigating to find but I promise you it is worth getting your trainers slightly scuffed. Hidden away is the most unbelievable stone platform that hovers over the wide sea. You will feel as if you are floating on water with a view of endless waves to feed those endless thoughts. It is an experience you will never forget.





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