5 Things to do when visiting Malta

Malta is a beautiful country, being so small its said you can travel the entirety of its land in a day, yet don’t let that make you believe there isn’t much going on over there, from its city of shopping, Valletta, to its beaches with Wi-Fi there are many places to check out. Yes, I know, a beach with its own Wi-Fi, incredible.

Out of the ordinary

maltaWe will start with one simple reason to visit, I found this more amazing than anything I had seen up to this point. Bare in mind I am easily entertained. After a night viewing  beautiful fireworks, marching bands and street parties, exhausted yet uplifted we started heading to the coach to return back to our hotel. When passing one dark alley a beaming light glow round the dark edge onto the already well light path. The source of the light, a single drinks vending machine, fully functional just chilling there 24/7.As you can see it was so unfitting to the scene, I was more shocked about this than the beach Wi-Fi! So we grabbed a bottle of Malta made Kinnie , a delicious orange and herbal drink that is like nothing you can taste here in England and left bewildered.

Azure window10013873_10203932167245128_5044685256288467965_n

Next the most well known reason to visit, Azure window on the Gozo island. You can makes plans to get straight on the bus to see not only this incredibly natural site but being able to put the cherry on top , laying on the rocks, feet kicking over the side to watch the sunset over an already mesmerizing vision. This image has been etched into my brain. I will still refer back to this day when telling my grandkids the adventures I went on. Due to the erosion over the last hundred years it is now claimed unsafe to walk across in case more of the rocks fall leading to a collapse, making you wonder how many more generations will have the chance to get to view this magical setting.

Dwejra- St. Anne chapel10416624_10203932176605362_8052626350590184864_n

Finished veiwing the crashing waves of the Azure window? just around the corner stands the last built chapel on the Gozo country side. Blessed on the 25th July 1963 I make this the most visually romantic trip on can take. I personally was unable to view the interior of this stunning building due to the doors being locked shut. Oh well it seems I must return, what a shame. This chapel is only active during the summer months with seemingly very little information about it.The best way to explain and understand this beauty is to see it with your own eyes and to visit during its active time and months, with the pale stone against the stunning back drop of blue sky its a treat for the eyes and a must see.

The Grassy Hopper1907660_10203916282808027_6054219755704535964_n

If reading is making you hungry, same. There are an incredible amount of places to grab a snack and have a sit down meal. In Valetta we came across this tiny, adorable take away café. whether you are vegan or fancy eating clean, their menu is healthy but more importantly unbelievably delicious. With dishes including; veg box with guacamole, chickpea or beetroot burgers, buckwheat salads and sprouty wraps. Not only is the food impeccable but so affordable, varying in prices from €3.80 to €5.40. This is hands down a must to visit, go grab lunch from here and walk further down the street to sit on the wall to view the street below and the sea just after.


Now we have eaten we can all focus on our shopping trip in Valletta. filled with stands, stalls and shops this is the busiest tourist area.  This city is so popular for so many obvious reasons, that even scenes from the popular TV series game of thrones was filmed here. You can now take tours to view these specific locations. Walking around all day in the blazing sun there are many ways to cool yourself down, with restaurants and shops with air con to a more instant cooling affect, in the city centre are various water features built into the floor throwing cool water into the air, running through these will defiantly help fight the heat. Just prepare to dry yourself off before going back to shopping but a few minutes of sunbathing will help dry you off. When on holiday you are always looking for memorable knick-knacks to take back with you. With all the stalls there are so many options to choose from, weather you are looking at handmade jewellery or sand in a bottle.In my case I couldn’t decide so went with both. You can stand and watch the gentleman hand design sand art from your chosen design or look around and return when he is done, needless to say to keep a little bottle of beautifully coloured Maltese sand home with you is always a winner.


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