Money looks better in the bank

If, like me, you are just painful awful when handling your money or keeping your savings account as saving, not as a cash pocket to transfer to cover your over draft. Here are a few ways to start getting back what you have been wasting.

Time to let go

When clearing out your wardrobe you usually bag up items of clothing that were hand me downs or make you think ‘why did buy that?’ leaving you with just a few items to sell with  still an over flowing wardrobe. When deciding what to keep and what to throw look at each item and ask these questions?

does this make me happy?

when truthfully did I last wear this?

does this show how I want to be seen?

Change all your excuses from its too pretty to sell to this is so pretty, I wonder how much I can get for this.

Before looking at your wardrobe, decide how you want to be seen. Say you want to start taking your career seriously, what clothes you would wear? In vision your future better self. Now, open your closet of material doom. Does your wardrobe match your vision? I thought not. Looking at all these dresses and heels we all know you barely get the chance to wear anymore, do you want to be known as a party girl? is it filled with sweats and hoodies? we all know its too hot to wear sweats at the gym, do you want to be seen as a lazy girl?

We can make excuses for every item of clothing we own, I still own my chef outfit I brought for my first year of college. You ready to know why? I thought the blue and white checked space pants were cute and for some reason made myself believe I would wear them again. Outside! Not even for a place of work. Look at your wardrobe as a money making machine, your own personal shop.

”But selling clothes is so difficult”, ”I don’t know or don’t have the time to go to the post office”, ”Ebay is so confusing to sell on” these are a small amount of excuses I have been giving myself the last few years. So lets throw out these excuses and time consuming ways to sell.

I give you Spock.

Yes Spock, I am almost certain you have seen the advert. Its an online boot sale app and lordy it is so unbelievably easy to use. First step take a photo, next write a small description on what it is and what price you want for it. Other users will comment, ask questions and offers. As it is a boot sale app, Everyone that views your item is local so it is so easy to communicate with each other and decide where to meet. Payment? don’t know how to use Paypal? its all cash in hand, on the spot. This app has been a game changer for me making quick cash, one thing to remember is to not over price your items, I’m not say sell your dress for 50p but sometimes £10 is a tad adventurous, if you get an arm full of clothes sell for £5 each, you could easily make £50 and a small dent in your floordrobe.

Get nifty

Buy cheap, keep for longer.

When it comes to the weekly food shop, weather you are a student or just plain broke, there are ways to seriously decrease your spending on food. I’m not saying this is the  healthiest way to eat, but it wont kill you. Depending what your nearest grocery store is depends on the variations of saving you can make. Starting with long life, ranging from 20p to 45p you are able to buy packet foods from pasta, rice and even soup. You can pay minimal and get 10 meals for less than £3, all have their own flavours so you face saving money not having to by pasta sauce. These are great ways to get a base for your meal. Next we need our fruit and veggies, its a must. In almost all major grocery shops like Tesco’s you will see discount stickers from time to time making a bag of green beans go from £1 to 10p. That’s 90% saving! Now you know what stores do discounts you can ask a member of staff a question that will save your bank balance. Locate a member of staff that is currently working in that isle, as staff in other isles may not know the answers you need about fruit and veg. Ask this important question, what days of the week do you do discounts on fresh produce and roughly what time does it happen?  This will open you up to a much cheaper life style, though working with in stores I have seen hoards of people come in just for this moment, so be prepared sometimes it might just be you, other times it could be 15 people standing around the trolley waiting for the next discount sticker to get printed. But what am I supposed to do with fruit and veg that are about to pass there sell by date? you could visit daily if you wish but I find it far easier to go for items like peas, spinach, broccoli and grapes all these foods able to be frozen. Freezing grapes? Yes. This is one a great snack as its so refreshing and tastes like candy, also is a perfect replacement for ice to use in your smoothies. Still not feeling the idea of frozen fruit? grapes take less than ten minutes to defrost you can take as you wish and still have cool refreshing fruit.  Now you know the deal of frozen food you can apply it to other food groups including bread.

So its great to have your carbs and veggies but flavour might be a tad bit dull, I religiously keep spices at hand the most important, garlic, salt, pepper and paprika, the basics for adding a small flare to you meal.  Powdered garlic lasts longer on the shelf as well as having a bit more of a kick so you can’t go wrong, but if you feel fresh garlic is the way for you then go for it, garlic whole cloves can last for 3-6 months so honestly its down to what you feel, I personally find powdered garlic gives a lot more for a lot less. The most important item for me with almost every meal is hot sauce, hot sauce just gives every meal that kick, but if like me you fly through hot sauce quicker than you can say money we need a way to make it last. That’s why recently I have started buying the hottest sauce I can find, this tends to be the most expensive item on my shopping list. Going for the hottest sauce means you uses a million times less with extra hot encore sauce than you would with Sriracha, meaning it lasts a million times longer, but sometimes what one sauce out does in spice, lacks in other flavours, this is when we bring back our favourite herbs and spices to bring it back up to standard.


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