Bare it all, feel confident without makeup

I  threw away your makeup bag.


You’re just going to have to just go without makeup till payday.

How does that make you feel? uneasy? discouraged? all round not confident?

We need to stop these negative emotions being the first to enter our minds. With make up I found myself still question my appearance, did I look okay? do I look silly with this new lipstick? is my eyeliner to thick? it seems no matter what I did to make my appearance pleasing to myself it never worked. Until one night.

It was about 2 or 3 am, we had our ‘this is how we do’ playlist blaring though the speakers, crazy house party, drinks flowing, everyone one dancing. By everyone I mean my housemate, my self and our kitten- so by dancing I mean I was bobbing my head up and down  whilst typing away ideas to get my life together, with my housemate wiggling her shoulders a few feet in front of me baking a lemon meringue pie and kitties paw raising the roof with some help from myself. Dressed in my very best baggy pants and sports bra, clean face with my hair tied in a top knot. Housemate dressed still in her work uniform covered with a fabulous dressing gown and rocking a knitted hat, scarf set. We were a vision I tell you. She decides to change music to ‘Habibi love – shaggy’ The moment it started to play I took a break from typing, she placed her bowl of lemon filling to the side and our embarrassing dance moves came out. Salsa dancing with kitty and pretending to be Shakira- Looking at us you would understand why you wont see us in the finest clubs in London.

Stay with me here.

Next was Queen B,  Beyoncé. We have both had a tough 6 months with our relationships seeming to fall apart so yonce gave us some of her confidence through her voice. Few songs later, kitty retired back to my bed, I soon followed her. Sitting on the edge still singing to my housemate full volume. As it ended I reached back over to the laptop placed it back on my lap and looked up into the mirror in front of me. I must have danced a little too hard in our private dance party as my top knot had almost completely fallen out, so much so it made me look like I had a bob and the cute kind not an umpa lumpa kind. I looked so happy and felt so confidant but most importantly these feeling didn’t leave even when I saw my reflection. I Turned to my house mate half jokingly asking if I should cut my hair like this? she was far too swift with the answer no but it still didn’t stop me from smiling, I felt so truly happy out of no where, I wanted it to last. I decided to test it.

Two weeks I went without makeup, still working and going outside. At first I felt like the last potato in the sack, as the days went past I felt more and more like a French fry till the end of the fortnight I felt like a god damn sweet potato curly fry. Feeling more confident within myself, I used my smile as my make up and my laughter as my highlighter.


It may seem scary going out at first without makeup, plug in your headphones and get on some tunes from Lemonade by Beyonce, shout out to my ex by Little Mix, a bit of Shaggy and ‘Jax Jones you don’t know me; to really get you in the best mood. Have a house party by yourself, treat yourself to some wine, take some no makeup selfies and get confident! Let me know if you try this, whether for the target fortnight, a week or just a few days. Use make up as an accessory for a night out- you wouldn’t wear heels everyday would you. You’ve got this! Feel confident in you again!


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