Vegan In Cornwall

Cornwall, Saint Ives.

Small town, huge amount of options.


Down in the main high street of Saint Ives there is huge variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. All located right by the sea front. Kick your feet up on the sand, read a book and sit with a cup of coffee and a pasty. This is something I did not see happening whilst vacationing away at the seaside town I have been visiting almost yearly for the last decade. Being vegan for the last 5 years and vegetarian for 11, I knew there were  a few cafes serving many vegetarian meals and even full English breakfasts, yet never seen much more options for vegans than you do on a normal day out. I have come to accept its not often you get to find yummy treats in local shops except for the odd packet of crisps and black coffee. My last visit has changed the next many experiences I will have at the beautiful town.


The Deli whose name has left my mind

Outside a small store is a huge array of mixed fruits and vegetables which always makes you want to check out the interior. I must have visited this deli about 7 times admiring the art of their deli bowls and shelves of so many different intriguing foods.  This time I took the time to read the labels of cakes and desserts to help my mother decide what to nibble on the beach. When I noticed a V next to a muffin, why did they need to describe the chocolate muffin as vegetarian? needless to say I asked the cashier wondering if they normally made chicken muffins or some strange meat creation. She turns to say the V is for vegan. I screamed. If you know this excitement, you can just imagine how ecstatic I was to here this news. With all the excitement I hoped as I asked if they sold any other vegan options- and oh honey, they did, they really really did. I nearly brought the whole cake display at this point, so I decided to push my luck and ask if they served any  savoury vegan food. She turned away and walked, I could say I was slightly disappointed but it was to be expected to not have any – what.

She walked to the over side of counter and showed me a small menu board, as her finger pointed down to a particular option I felt my heart skip a beat. Vegan pasty. VEGAN PASTY. Are you serious. For real. No games.

I grabbed a muffin, a pasty and head down towards the beach front. This was an incredibly happy moment. Finally seated, holding the steaming pastry I take my first bite. Not only was it just good, it was super tasty and filled with all kinds of veggies. I hadn’t had a pasty or anything close in so many years, it was almost enough to make a tear fall down my cheek.

Since then I have looked further through the internet to find more vegan friendly places to eat within Saint Ives, I come across a vegan restaurant called ”Spinacio’s” I have never eaten here but I am almost certain I have walked passed it a million times, making my next trip and I am now sure yours too, even more exciting.






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