Exercise for the lazy

I mean we are not lazy, just well, you know, sometimes.. fine okay lets just admit it, lazy. I am not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exercise but due to lack of funding- AHEM I mean money saving techniques I find myself doing more and more exercise or tasks that I can count and describe as exercise.

We will start with the most strenuous exercise which is still really easy and actually so much fun, (depending on what area you live) cycling. Due to my ‘money saving scheme’ I found that I did not want to waste money to spend on the bus to work everyday when I could save and spend it on a fancy coffee.

Searching the internet at 4am I came across a functioning bike for £20, a tenth of the price of some bikes out there. I decided to text the seller and by the afternoon I was on my way to view it. I may or may not have ordered an Uber to the location… When I arrived it was pouring down with rain, got to the house and viewed the pretty pink bike . It had two wheels, a chain and handles, in my books that’s all that matters. I rolled it back and forward pretending I was some sort of bike expert handed over the money and went to search for the nearest tube station, my first instinct was to travel by tube with my bike rather than just cycle home. The travel wasn’t even far! just a half hour walk.


After realising it would be more effort to get to the tube station than to get home, I jumped on my new bike and whipped out good ol’ google maps. 3 minutes down the road this haunting squeak came from the tires every meter or so. I wasn’t prepared to turn back around and question the seller so I kept squeaking my way home, luckily I live in a flat area in London so I can cycle for 5 minutes and kick my legs up for the rest of the journey home. I still haven’t fixed the squeak and probably never will, I have learnt to love it- so if you are in London and see a half asleep cycler with a fog horn of repetitive squeaks, give us a wave, its most likely going to be me.


Or as I like to call it, Bed Yoga- Not like that! Cheeky.

This is my favourite by far, when you are having a catch up with the girls you can officially say ‘I do yoga every morning’ and it wont be a complete lie just be sure to leave out the fact you don’t actually get out of bed.

First thing in the morning as soon as we wake up the natural first reaction to do is stretch, so why not stretch with these supine yoga poses under the duvet?

Yoga Moves

  1. The Corpse Pose.

Having your arms at a 45 degree angle close your eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes, focusing on your body relaxing

Corpse pose / shavasana

2. The Bridge Pose

Now to stretch, bend your knees, inhale and lift your pelvis towards the sky, I find this to stretch my back.

3. Half Supine Hero

Going back down, stretch out your legs with this pose, breathe and pose for 4-8 breathes

then swap legs and repeat.

Ardha Supta Virasana • Half Supine Hero

4.Fish Matsyasana Pose

Lets stretch out the shoulder, following this pose and pointing your fingers as high to the ceiling as you can

Matsyasana • Fish pose

5. Knee Down Twist

I tend to do this pose sitting up in bed, with one leg laying flat and the second folding over with the knee up, then twisting my torso in the other direction. This move really helps my lower back, I tend to use this even when I find my self with lower back ache. Its a saver in my book.

Knee Down Twist / supta matsyendrasana

There we go 5 step bed yoga! Get a good stretch every morning before getting out from your duvet cover! I am not a yoga instructor, this is just what I do myself every morning. For more information on doing these moves correctly go check out http://www.yogabasics.com/practice/yoga-postures/

This site is where I sourced these perfect images from and where I shall source more yoga pose ideas in the future.


The family to help with your first giggle

Yes you read that right!  Scientist have found that ‘Laughing intensely for an hour can burn as many calories as lifting weight for 30 minutes’ If this isn’t music to your ears then its time to get a hearing test. Spend an hour in bed or on the sofa, get on your exercise wear consisting of a dressing gown and slippers and search the wide internet for the best memes and cat fails on YouTube.  To add a cherry on top laughter is also a natural stress reliever and lowers blood pressure so lets unwind and get giggling. Maybe do this exercise when you are alone as you might seem a tad bit mad, though if your partner or housemates walks in unexpectedly it could make the whole experience a million times funnier and get you laughing harder!


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