Prevention, Attack and Recovery on muscle pain

Protip; Don’t fall up escalators

Whether you are sore from the gym, feeling a bit poorly and run down or just a clumsy Bambi like myself, muscle pain can slow everyone down, leaving you feeling worse than ever, here is a few ways to fight the ache.



Cherry juice

Get fancy with a cherry and mint mocktail

no, not the surgery cherry liquid in jars that you see behind cocktail bars, just fresh lovely cherry juice. Almost all well known superstores sell different variety of cherry juices. I like to find the ones with the least ingredients, keep it simple. Living for Organic? Holland and Barret supply some gorgeous 100% natural organic cherry juice for less than £3, definitely worth the few extra pennies to know you are not consuming substances that you struggle to pronounce.



Filled with anti- inflammatory properties cherry juice is relied on for easing muscle pain by minimizing swelling in exhausted muscles. Just one glass a day is enough for you to notice the benefits. Planning to go hard at the gym? A glass before and after your workout can help improve recovery time getting you ready for the next task sooner.


Attack and Relief


Treat yourself with a bubble bath

It is extremely well known that a nice warm bath can instantly help relax your muscles, the key word here is warm, too many people like to run a piping hot bath and do the tap dance into the clear lava but could a hot bath do you more damage than good?

It is noted that your body needs to be at a low temperature in order for you to fall asleep, so a hot bath could keep you from getting your 8 hours. Mixing pains and the lake of ability to get some well deserved sleep will put you in a worse mood. Stick to a warm bath for your body to be able to bring it back down to natural temperature sooner, perfect if like me you climb straight out of the bath into bed. Can’t deal with just a warm bath? You are able to have a steaming hot bath and get to sleep as long as you give yourself over two hours before getting your body ready for dreams.


Suffering from bruises or swelling? 

Get in an ice bath. No? Not fancying freezing in an icy pool? Fine, well I suppose you can apply an ice pack to the area instead,  not directly on the skin for 15 minutes at a time, a day or two should do the job, if possible keep the bruised area elevated to bring the bruising down.


 Benefits of hot baths

When suffering with a cold, steam from the bath will help clear and soothe nasal passages to help you breathe easier.

Adding different essential oils can help with various issues

example; Thyme helps treat muscle pain with it’s warming impact on the body, it is perfect for those that suffer from muscle pain and/or arthritis . It is known for lowering blood pressure and increasing blood circulation making you feel all round relaxed.


Benefits of cold baths

Keeping it cool can help improve your immune system as well as increase weight loss, making your body work to warm up burning more calories. Like warm baths that relax muscles, cold water also helps to relieve muscle soreness and is favorited by athletes. Studies have shown that the impact of cold water on your skin helps to relieve depression sending ‘electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain’ basically sending you a feel good vibe. You can’t argue with science.



Massage and sleep

Treat yourself to a catnap

Finished your cherry juice and relaxing bath? Ask your partner to massage your aching parts, a good massage can give the same pain-relieving effects as aspirin or ibuprofen, not only will you feel amazing it will help you recover from your long day. If you don’t have the luxury of having a second human around to nurture you back to your normal self? a good night sleep is just as good to get your body  back to normal again, giving your muscles time to relax, be sure to give yourself 8 hours of sleep, no excuses.









One thought on “Prevention, Attack and Recovery on muscle pain

  1. Have you ever tried Caralluma as an endurance builder and post work support supplement. I recently posted about it on my blog. Check it out!


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