Inspiration, why limit yourself?

We all need that push once in a while, we all need to remind ourselves what we are capable of. We spend each day doing repetitive chores and finding ourselves mentally lost. What do we enjoy? Do we know?

I want to remind you and myself that only we can decide what we do with our life, only we can make the choice to make it what we want. When you find yourself lacking in inspiration or feeling low, reads this, just read it whether you are sitting on the tube on your way to work, about to go for a job interview or found yourself wasting a day under your duvet. Read this to remind yourself that you have got this, what ever you want, you have got it.

The most important sentence I have learnt in my life when it comes to work is ”you can train skill but you can’t train personality’ this statement is beyond true. Personality is the most important part of who you are, it is what makes you, you. Every time you go for an interview, imagine you are the boss looking to higher, what kind of person would you like to work with?

Two people go to the same interview, one is a exceptionally intelligent person and the other has no qualifications. This statement makes you feel that you know who will get this job and shows us how we originally eye up the competition at first look, doing this can make you feel nervous and low. Change how you see yourself and the situation. Lets look differently into these two people.

Two people go to the same interview, one feels like he knows everything he needs to know and unwillingly to take direction, the other comes in with passion and the willing to learn, wearing a smile and positive attitude. Who would you want to work with? Most of the time its not what you know but how much you want to learn to better yourself.

We make hundreds of choices daily that we may not see as options at first, but I can promise you every choice you make can either better you or stunt your life. Just by reading this you are growing, improving yourself, instead you could be sitting in front of the TV but you have made the choice to read this to inspire yourself and that’s a great step in the right direction.

Every boss, every worker, every judge is human, we all are. Every thought you have had today another person has had before, every time you get nervous so has the person nearest to you, there is nothing to be scared of.

Truly think what do you want from life, what is your main aim? I want you to answer everyone of these questions, get out a note book or a napkin and a pen we are going to work.

What is you life aim? This can be a difficult question to answer, it took me an hour staring at my notepad before I realised. What I want from life is to go Africa and help build schools and be apart of a team that improves others lives. A friends purpose is to be happy, adventurous, meaningful, make life wonderful and teach others how to create it. Your purpose doesn’t have to be just one thing, it can be as simple as to have a happy family. Your purpose is who you are, you just need to spend enough time on yourself to uncover it.

 What would you do with your time if you could afford to quit your job?  This is a great way to make you think  about what you truly enjoy, its so simple but you should be able to in vision yourself in various scenarios.  If I could afford to not work, I would spend my time with my family and really improve my relationships, with out work I would find myself board and will want to learn, so I would go to book readings at the local library. We use the fact that we work as an excuse far too often because we ‘just don’t have the time’, time is irrelevant, if you realise what you want to do, then do it, the only time limit we have is our lifetime, you can’t say you wanted to read this book but couldn’t because you only have 80 years to read it, read a page a day if you need to, at least you are accomplishing a goal. If you don’t push yourself everyday, that’s another day your life that will stay the same.

If every job paid the same and everyone had the same opportunity to work there, what would you be doing? What excites you? what would you find fascinating if all training was included? why are you not doing this job? You can do anything if you keep this idea in your head everyday, what can you do to make this reality?

What are your skills? Do not over think this questions, this is only between you and yourself so write down every silly thing you can think of. Does your friend think her fella is up to no good? do you look through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. for answers? Then write social media investigator/ an avid researcher.  Get as silly as you want the more the better, everything that is silly has a side of truth to it, by doing this for a friend you are training yourself how to use various social media platforms, so that is a skill no matter how you came across it.

(Please do not do this for CV’s or Job applications, this is to open your mind and relax to really get thinking)

You should have a piece of paper filled with key words of your skills, wants and desires. Look at them, connect the dots, look at what job you want and find away to link your skills and hobbies to it, your hobbies and wants should show you what your ideal job role is. Don’t focus on money, focus on what makes you happy. You can make money whilst being happy with your work, you can’t use money to make you happy. You’ll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do.

We can learn as much as we choose to, only you can stop yourself from pushing yourself to your dream. You are never too old to change your life or career. I am 22, I moved into an apartment with my friend in London, I have a great job that I enjoy but I found that I have been trained as far as I can be within this company and if I took the promotion I would technically lose money, there was no further for me to go- I could be working at this company or doing this same job role until I retire, earning the same when I’m 60 that I had been earning since I was 21? That’s when it hit me that I had to make every choice from here on out to benefit myself and help me grow, experience more and push myself. I am 22 and on Wednesday I have a job interview for an apprenticeship at an incredible company that helps me make a huge leap into the career I now know I want. It is an amazing feeling knowing that when you pour your heart and soul into yourself it does pays off in the future.

You can literally do anything! When you feel that excitement of knowing what to do, you will want to build yourself everyday, it becomes clear that you can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! even if its scary, scary is good, scary means you are still alive, taking risks and leaving doors open to accept chances and opportunities. You are living for you, if you are not improving yourself and your life then nothing will ever change, opportunities do not knock on the front door asking for you, you need to get out there, kick down the door and show you deserve it.


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