Marks & Spencer supporting ‘Veganuary’

2017 Veganuary has broken records this year with over 59,500 participants from over 150 countries taking the pledge to cut out all meat, dairy and eggs for the 31 days. With February now starting, the vegan diet doesn’t seem to just be for January any more, with more and more individuals carrying on the life style through out the rest of the year.

Well known companies are now getting involved, offering special deals and even creating new vegan products to help us transition.

Marks & Spencer is one of the most well known grocery store chains in the UK, already offering a huge variety of products suitable for vegans and vegetarians and clearly marking each product with symbols suitable for different dietary requirements, by doing this it has made our lives easier to do the weekly shop. We can all take a well deserved break from the food guessing game and researching as the range of cruelty free marked items don’t just stop at food, M&S also clearly mark each cruelty free wine- showing huge support to help us relax and enjoy our experience, surely they can’t do much more?

This year M&S have improved their production by adding a small yet tasty vegan sandwich line, making our lunches a million times easier and more satisfying. At £2.50 and £2.60 each they now offer a ‘Super Green’ and ‘Rainbow Veg’ sandwich at an incredibly affordable price. Have they stopped at just bread and filling? They continue to surprise us by also launching delicious vegan veggie pots at £2, giving us plenty of options, so keep your eyes peeled and swap the simple salad for a lunch that wont leave you hungry and disappointed.



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