My milkshake brings all the anxiety suffers to the yard

Struggling with anxiety is an awful daily battle, making travelling down the shops, passing by a few fellow humans seem like a mission you would prefer to pass on. So why can you find a large collection of individuals suffering from this illness in one of the busiest cities?

In Fitzrovia, London, there is a health food restaurant called Rawligion, offering many different healthy food and drink options, including ones that claim to make you ”start your week on a HIGH note”.



So what is it about these drinks that apparently will better my week? We welcome the limited addition hemp milk claiming to reduce stress, anxiety, pain relief and help improve sleep aid- sounds incredible! Being organic, raw and vegan it seems to can’t get better, but how can they claim these statements on milk?


Cannadidiol, Also known as CBD is one of the ingredients within this magic milk but what is it?  CBD is one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis, so in layman’s terms it contains weed extract, with CBD not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act /Regulations 1971 it is legal to use and sell.

I’m afraid this milk will not make you start seeing dragons flying talking with dolphins or give you the feeling of being ‘high’ that you would find with Cannabis so why add this ingredient?  Multiple tests have been run on CBD leading the investigations to show that this magic almost acts as an anti-anxiety oil and actually has many health benefits so by adding this key ingredient to the organic milk will truly help fight against panic attacks.



Its seems Rawligion is a must go for 2017, with celebrities visiting this beautiful designed restaurant and café including ‘This guy’ Owen Wilson posing with one of Rawligion’s NYC chefs, as well as Actor, Dancer and Model Robyn Bevan being seen with her ‘Brain Mylk Latte’.

So what are you waiting for! Lets go get our Hemp Mylk on!



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