What came first, the vegan chicken or the egg

Temple of Seitan has been a hot spot for vegans and vegetarians for the last month, since opening on the 14th January 2017 there have been constant queues on the side walk of individuals trying to get a peak in. Being so busy that on numerous occasions the temple has had to close early due to such high demands, making the opening hours of  12pm-8pm, Wed – Sun to be of a case of get there early and hope for the best.

So why is there such a hype surrounding this one small food spot in Hackney?  The Temple of Seitan is the first fully vegan fried chicken shop in London, yes we can now buy fried chicken- well if you can get through the doors. Acting as a cruelty free KFC you can get fried chicken sandwich, burgers, popcorn chicken and vegan mac and cheese, they even went all out to make a gluten free fried chicken for us celiac vegans.

Pushing the boundaries seems to be an every day task here as the creation of a vegan egg and bacon muffin lives here. Magic must be on their side to be able to create a cruelty free fried egg sunny side up. Its incredible. So when next in London, make this your priority visit, check out what else they have to offer here , just make sure to get a napkin ready for the drool.


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