Secret places to visit; Soulstice

A small town in Berkshire is hiding away a place of peace, tea and wonder.  Based in Newbury ‘The Secret Tea Room’ is disguised by the market place and large brick building, walking through the right door will lead you inside to the world of orange and serenity.

I never knew I liked the colour orange till I found myself in this quaint little tea room, though small it never seems to be packed leaving you feeling comfortable and cosy. The collection of tea is more than I have ever seen, offering you anything from Ginger to Coco Mint, there is truly a tea for everyone here.


The décor of this beautiful tea room is just beyond fascinating, with Buddhas and shrines against the Beatles and Thunderbirds figurings, it gives off a nomad meets comic vibe. When meeting one of the owners you will instantly see him rocking an Oasis throw back look, with a remarkably bubbly personality he is lovely to talk to, making you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. When speaking with him he explains he wanted to create this tea room as a safe haven for all people whilst keeping anxiety suffers in mind, trying to get us out the house with the tea room acting as a safe place to relax and not feel stressed or flustered. With plenty of books to read and even board games to play it is a great place to go with friends of even just alone. Walking past the tea bar is a secondary open room, with few tables and comfy stalls it is the perfect place to be alone as each table acts as a personal sanctuary, just enough space for you and only you.

With the tea room being on the smaller side there is usual only 3 members of staff floating around and only 2 seem to be in the same room at the same time, so you don’t ever feel bombarded. Convocation seems to be natural here, when coming from the outside where small talk with strangers almost comes across as rude- here it comes off as second nature, making even the most anxious person craving a convocation with these interesting people. Having a room filled with strangers all talking together gives off a feeling of happiness that you can not explain. Its is a rare experience and one you must encounter yourself.

Not the talkative kind? Under almost every table is an adult colouring book paired with a pack of felt tip pens- you can sit, drink and colour to your hearts content, the feeling of bliss is inevitable. I personally found colouring with pencils and crayons stressful but the feeling and sound of felt-tips is beyond satisfying. There are so many benefits for adults colouring in so give it ago and let the de-stressing begin.

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The word ‘Beautiful’ describes every single fragment of this tearoom, just by the easiness and simplicity of it, not only do they have a vast variety of herbal tea they also offer beautifully tasty cakes to choose from, keeping the options on the smaller side saves you from the stress of deciding what to have. Helping with any dietary issues, they offer cakes that are gluten free, dairy free and even nut free, sadly none are vegan but hopefully that can be an idea for the future. Sticking with the theme of ‘its not quiet what it seems’ each cake has an unusual ingredient, vegetables. I know, it sounds strange but I promise you they taste divine from Parsnip fruit loaf, Chocolate torte with aubergine to chocolate brownies with spinach, they have really taken an individual way in every aspect of their store.

Every detail here is filled with thought and love, even down to the toilets- You usual wont see me raving about any loo but this one deserves a special shout out of its own, not only are they immaculate and beautifully matching to the interior of the tea room its self but every aspect is filled with love and care, from the ‘Neal’s Yard’ hand wash to the thought board hidden in the cubicle for you to write down anything you want to get of your chest. Adding a personal touch, they have baskets of different sanitary products free to take on the bathroom side in case you find yourself ill prepared, which is beyond thoughtful showing they are not here with the main aim to make money but to really care for each customer.

When visiting Berkshire make sure to drop in to this incredible secret tea room, maybe even check out their massages and yoga classes to really get you relaxed for the day.



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