Single in your twenties and living in London on minimal wage

So many people live in London- but who actually lives in London?

I hit my 2 month anniversary living in London a few days back. My first real home here. But can you live in London with 1 apartment, 2 people, 2 bedrooms, 1 cat and garden just above minimum wage?

I work 6 days a week unless I treat myself to a weekend off to visit family or emergency’s, a few times a week I will do double shifts- I don’t go out clubbing, out to restaurants or even order takeaway more than once a month- I buy store value products rather than name brands and save money buy buying veggies instead of meat, you would think I am ‘rich’ right?


Counting down the days to payday I am unable to afford washing detergent or to even travel to work. Its times like this I wish I could hire a boyfriend to move in and pay half my share of the rent. How is it possible for 2 single girls to share a real home and not share with strangers? I ask my co-workers how they manage to not stress about money each month and can afford to go out after the rent has come out. So far it seems everyone I speak to live with multiple people/couples/families and are saving so much money each month it would make any 20 something cry and little inside.

I like my personal space but before I moved here I lived with 5 lads, I was paying almost 2/3 less a month than I am currently today! but would I rather live with my best friend, have my own personal space, peace and quite with the added bonus of cleaning the house in my undies whilst dancing in the kitchen- but be too broke to go to a real party OR enjoy all the company of living with so many people and never being bored because there is always someone to chill with- but not being able to sleep because there is a house party going on downstairs with strangers knocking on my door thinking said room is the bathroom.

Decisions, decisions.

Working so much has left me feel as if I have aged 7 years, too focused on crunching numbers, sending emails and complaining how high the taxes are instead of deciding what festival to go to over summer. Yet I love my job, I love solving math equations and I cant think of anything worse to do that going to a festival- am I old? am I still living?

You can’t live in London on minimal wage and own an apartment, but you can Live.

If you are deciding to move to London after college or uni, really decide if you are moving for the night life or to move for work. If you want nightlife and exciting days out then rent a room, If you are looking to settle down in London and start your adult life here really work out the finances before you do, I just woke up one day and decided to move, learn from my financial state, you can’t live like an independent adult on a teenagers salary.

The benefits of struggling so much is I don’t have to time to worry about drama, new relationships or needing a new outfit for that thing that is happening next week. I am too focused on working as hard as I can to learn as much as I can to get that promotion, to improve myself and my lifestyle and that feeling beats every party I have been to.








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