Exercise for the lazy

I mean we are not lazy, just well, you know, sometimes.. fine okay lets just admit it, lazy. I am not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exercise but due to lack of funding- AHEM I mean money saving techniques I find myself doing more and more exercise or tasks that I can count […]

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Zero stress snacks and desserts

The words vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, sesame allergy and celiac disease can give you a miniature heart attack and a head spin. Wether planning snacks for the local book club or just having the girls round, if yourself are struggling to create exciting foods or just want to eat clean. I have tried and tasted a few creations that will leave every guest smiling. […]

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Vegan In Cornwall

Cornwall, Saint Ives. Small town, huge amount of options.   Down in the main high street of Saint Ives there is huge variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. All located right by the sea front. Kick your feet up on the sand, read a book and sit with a cup of coffee and a pasty. This is […]

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